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Recruiting the right person for your organization is challenging in the digital age. While more advanced tools exist to aid in finding the right person, these often create a deluge of interested parties who may not actually be skilled to fit the need. At Spindustry Staffing, we know the hiring process. Even for those organizations with an internal recruiting staff, searching for the right candidates is consuming and labor intensive. However, finding the best talent with the right skills for the job is what we thrive on.

Here's why our process works.

We listen.

We gather and understand your requirements, goals, KPIs and culture. Clearly understanding your objectives greatly increases the chances that we can recruit the perfect candidate.

Performing any job effectively requires a combination of skills and knowledge, plus the right personal and character strengths. Skill and knowledge are acquirable. Changing personality traits is not.

We focus on character first.

What you don’t need is disruption to your organization, caused by poor posturing, that leads to organizational dysfunction and morale issues. If a candidate has a bright and industrious outlook, fits in well with co-workers but needs to enhance particular skills, that’s something that can be accomplished quickly.

We don’t judge a book by its cover.

Our criteria is much deeper than finding a few keywords on a resume. Simply counting up the keywords has proven time and again to be an unreliable technique. Viable candidates are often overlooked in favor of others who pad their resumes with seemingly applicable technical terms and jargon. There’s a careful balance of evaluating what’s on a resume. Looking for real-life examples of work helps showcase what a person is actually capable of doing.

We’re objective.

We always keep our client partner’s best interest in mind as we seek the right candidate. Yet, we can be impartial to past internal influences that may have hindered efforts to recruit talent. We evaluate candidates based on their qualifications, knowledge, experience in applying their skills in varying degrees of complexity, together with understanding work history, personal goals and character attributes. We want to help you hire the best person, not the best piece of resume paper.

We have a proven demonstrable record of referring talented professionals that get hired and become key contributors to our client organizations.

Don’t just take our word for it – we’ll connect you with one of our client partners so you can hear firsthand how we find the best talent for the job.

Spindustry Staffing is located in Des Moines, IA. You’ll understand the difference you get with Spindustry Staffing as soon as you talk with us.  Give us a no obligation call today at 515.225.0920.

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